Our Mission


Our mission is to provide professional quality recordings at the lowest price!

How do we do that? To have the lowest “overhead” possible while providing to you, high end service.

# Top quality mic preamps, eq’s & compressors from Trident, Gates, Universal Audio, Focusrite, DBX,  Drawmer, Summit Audio, Joe Meek, Night Pro, JBL, Grove Tubes, & others.

# Mics from Neumann, Blue, Audio Technica, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Rode, EV, Audix, Cad & others.

# All 24-bit recording

# Non-linear disk-based editing

Although we are well known for being extremely comfortable with “Digital Editing” the bottom line is “Garbage In = Garbage Out”. That’s why we have the largest selection of quality Microphones, Mic Pre-Amps, Compressors, Equalizer’s etc… We also have state of the art tuned recording rooms without Parallel Walls. Anyone who’s fortunate enough to play a quality guitar, amp, drum set etc… Knows What I’m Talking About!

Since its beginning, Double-A has had one goal: to make quality recordings affordable. We provide the tools & skills & you provide the talent. We have the gear that, until now, only artists with major label budgets could afford to use. From the modern state of the art to the vintage classics, this is the equipment used on all of your favorite recordings.

Microphones & Pre-Amps
Every link in the sonic chain is vital! We have one of the Largest and Best Microphone & Pre-Amp collections of any studio in the area! Here are “some” of our microphones.

We have recorded hundreds of artists. Even if you have your own recording set-up at home, we can help. Do your drums here, have us help mix or master your final cuts. We are both flexible & creative in our approach.