Studio Projects

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Recorded, Mixed & Mastered;

Magnakore, Cell 17, Walmart Giveaway, Sadie Hawkins, M-80,

Truck Stop Love Child, Tyler Heitzman, Kruzt, Nancy Meister, Copper 7,

Chromosome 21, Wishful Thinking, Thrive, PHK, Flesh Fiends,

Black Tuesday, Best Day Wasted, Punkin’ King, No Such Name,

I Dare You, Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck, Somber, 16-OZS, Blood Of Horns,

Funnel, City Chicken, Pat Burk, Jelly Bucket, JGL, Jason Shearer,

WFBS-(Radio) Commercial Packages, Bathtub Gin, Life Per Diem, 

Arsenal, Eviscerated, Wishful Thinking, Red Eyes For Blue Sky’s, 

Stranded, Breaking The Silence, Dave Collier & Family, Rising Decent,

Kill The Messenger,  Fat Dak & The Sisaks, Already Gone, Faith,

Faith Until Falling, Warren Dane, Jessica Jellen, Chasing Chariots,

5 Points, The Big Dirty, Krystal, John Bucanelli, A Heretic Burial,

Sapphire, Next Ta Nuthin’, Darpa, Shama-Lama, Monkey Business,

Kenny Luck, Weekend Legend, Ron Slovick, Sands Of Vega,

George Fury, Matt Kunkel, Slacker, Mono-Plane, Tiffany,

Willy Jack & The Northern Lights, Laurie Sisters, Valley Boy’z,

Trauma 96, All Ideas On Hold, Dietrich Brothers, One Shall Fall,

Competition Orange, True Becoming, A Ocean Farewell,

Carpe Noctem, Sherry Trometter/Harp-A-Long, Dawson Brothers,

Ian Spudes, Ryan Ward [Voice Over], Howling Mad Murdock, Pub Rally,

John Menapace, Double Talk, Apparitions Of Myself, Plastic Charley,

Mad Lucas, First & Goal, Hedwig, Mike Carr, Doug Jones, Syre,

Plastic Burn, Nap Takers, To Their Demise, Mountain Blood,

Jack Law, Without The Rapture, Dear Alaska, Ann Kerstetter,

Within The Outbreak, Antonio Andratti, Chris Trasatti, Mike Soxy,

For What It’s Worth, Alicia, No Limitations, NG Productions,

Audio Burn, Call It Sleep, Mothra, The Intelligent Design,

Sadistik Alliance, Memory Lane, And Than She Bled, Nathan Berg,

Double Helix, Marla & The Juniper Street Band, Red Halo,

No G-ds – No Masters, Plan The Attack, Olive Branch, Indian Dreams,

Alicia #2, Nothings Follows, Morgan Family, R.A.T.L., John Hall,

Swamp Bottom Blues, Justin Kantner, We The Assembly,

Through Vacant Eyes, Hooligan, Blowing Smoke, Corelia,

Without Falling, Lorenzo, Kevin Ridall, Denis Tempast, Heala,

Roxanna Brown Wright, Timothy’s Burden, Hour Of Judgment,

Colors Best Kept Black, A Bridge Over Chaos, NOS, Stelly,

Jeremy Hummel [Breaking Benjamin], Jack Debulis, Mark Tomeo,

Dee [Disrespectful Records], Bush Pounders, Tim Latshaw, 

Mike Soxy, For What It’s Worth, Forrest Kerstetter, Paleo’s,

Brand New Eyes, Roxanna Wright, Bob Randall, Allen Combs II,

On The Rocks, Steve Kerns, Beaten Blind, Miracle Mindset,

None Of The Above, Frank Wicher, Norma Shirly, Dom,

James – M- Desiderati, Voice Of Treason, Ryan Loftus, Vile Breed,

The Greater Victory, J Nestor, Red Cadaver, Dying To Live,

Beggin’ For Biscuits, Heartland Drive, Kathleen Dunkelberger,

Jim Richter, Sara Snyder, Phill Yurkon, Michael Duby, The Shoudas,

The Wrinkle Tones, Divided We Fall, Stu Shrawder, Eddie-K-Davis,

Jake Schmoyer, Audio Helmet, Naphtalli Prinsloo, Haunted By Insanity,

Beer & Pretzels, No Rain Checks, Mile Hill Band, AC’s Soul Medicine,

Van Wagner,  Woody Wolfe, Jon Burnsesq, Easy Tiger,


Mine Fire, Searching For Gladys, 6 Degrees South, Bruce Breiner,

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