Session Tips

Home versus Studio-

Bedroom studios are great but today’s best music is still recorded in studios for a simple reason – studios are designed to capture sound, not sleep.
This is your show and your vision which should be realized your way but here’s a few tips for a professional productive session.


1)  Music is nothing more than notes & beats in time.  Tune up constantly & have new drum heads (at least on the snare),   New broken in strings & the intonation checked.  If the drummer knows the speed (BPM) & can play to a click track (metronome, drum beat, kick, high-hat, if i have it, i can loop it)  It will help with a produced pro sound.  Everybody should be psyched but you don’t want to sound rushed.

2)  Pro recordings double (at least some) vocals & guitars for a thick stereo mix.

3)  Know your music without vocals & solos which are added later.  A studio is not a  good time to learn parts, practice, practice, practice, PRACTICE!

4)  Bring music, notes, lyrics, drinks, food, girlfriends/wife’s picture, your favorite teddy beer-whatever!  Do whatever it takes for a smooooooooth session.

5)  Be prepared, extra strings, sticks, drum tuning key, wires, wall wort’s/FX power supplies, fuses etc…

6)  Make sure that the hi-hat, kick pedal/s don’t squeak, no rattle/buzzes in the drums, instruments & speaker cabinets.  Check wires & amp’s for hum & noises etc…

7)  Be on time!  “Fashionably late” isn’t fashionable & can result in your session being rescheduled or even cancelled.

8)  I’m sure that your friends , family, and significant others are really cool people, but unless they’re playing on your project, they should probably stay home & not cell/text every 2 seconds.  A photographer/videographer  of your session/s are welcome & recommended.

9)  Come to work!  We don’t charge by the hour, but there is a life outside of the recording studio.  Be prepared to get work done.  It’s not the time to check your E-mail, Twitter, Facebook etc…  There’s a well defined process for getting the music to you quickly & cost effectively, so be ready to follow it.  The environment here is very laid back….as long as productive work is getting done!

10)  Don’t panic.  The studio is a new environment for most people & we want the experience to be a positive one.  Everyone drops a note here and there.  No one gets to keep their first vocal track (really, no one does)!  You’ll have a great time if you just relax & play!

11)  Drummers, rehearse keeping a stick/click track going anytime you’re not playing so that the other musicians can overdub their parts later if you’re not playing to a click track.

12)  If not a problem, remove the front head from the kick/bass drum.  It allows more options as to where to put the kick mic’s (X-2) & offers more options with damping for the best sound which is different in studios verses live.  If it’s a hassle, I can deal with it.

13)  Remember the phone # & directions/address.  If lost, call instead of knocking on neighborhood doors or driving around for hours (it’s happened).